electroCore LLC

Getting Started

1. Talk to your Doctor

Talk to your doctor. You and your doctor will determine if the gammaCore is a suitable option for treating your migraine or cluster headache. For a printable brochure you can bring to your next doctors visit click here.

2. Obtain Written Authorization

Fill out an authorization & order form. gammaCore is only available through written authorization from your health care provider. Click one of the links below to print out the authorization form to bring to your next doctors visit. You may fax, mail or email the signed authorization form to electroCore and your order will be processed.

3. Schedule a Live Training

gammaCore will be shipped directly to your home or place of business. Once received, review the information enclosed in your patient welcome kit. A gammaCore consultant will contact you to schedule a live or web based training. He/She will answer any questions you may have regarding the gammaCore.

4. Know What to Expect

In order to determine if you are a responder to the gammaCore, an adequate trial is important. Most patients, when trained on the proper use of the device, will see a response within 3-5 acute attacks, and/or 4-8 weeks if using the gammaCore as a preventative therapy. Training with a gammaCore consultant, following up with your doctor and maintaining a headache diary will give you the best opportunity to determine if you are a responder to the therapy.

To learn more about our patient support services and the electroCore patient promise.