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What is Menstrual Migraine?

gammaCore Women menstrual migraine

More than half of women with migraine report menstruation (having a period) as a trigger for their migraine attacks.

These headaches are called menstrual migraine and are often associated with changes in hormone levels just before a period starts

They tend to be more severe and less responsive to treatment and can also last longer than other types of migraine.

What is gammaCore?

gammaCore is a small portable handheld device giving you the freedom to administer treatment when and where you need.

gammaCore is a non-drug therapy with no known serious side effects and can be used alongside other medications.

gammaCore activates the vagus nerve with patented, gentle electrical stimulation. The vagus nerve is an important highway of communication between your brain and many parts of the body. Stimulation of the vagus nerve with gammaCore helps block the pain signals that cause migraine.

Use gammaCore to prevent and treat menstrual migraine and menstrually related migraine.

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Refill kits will need to be purchased to continue treatment after your first 3 months. Refill kits cost £220 for 3 cycles of therapy.

How to Use gammaCore

For menstrual migraine, gammaCore is used starting 3 days before your expected cycle and continued for 10 consecutive days

Each day you will deliver 3 treatments each lasting 4 minutes. Additional stimulations can be used as required (see Instructions For Use for further information)

For more information on how gammaCore works, please read our Quick Start Guide

gammaCore -Treatment

What to Expect

gammaCore - Fast relief

Fast Relief

Some adults felt relief as quickly as 30 minutes

gammaCore - Reliable relief

Reliable Relief

Almost half of the patients had little to no migraine pain within 2 hours after first use

gammaCore (nVNS) provided relief for more than 50% of attacks for many migraine patients

gammaCore - Long Lasting relief

Long Lasting Relief

The majority of patients who were pain-free at 2 hours remained pain-free for 48 hours