A Breakthrough Treatment for Headaches

gammaCore Sapphire™ is a portable handheld device that provides a non-drug treatment for adults who suffer from primary headache conditions such as cluster headache and migraine. gammaCore prevents and treats primary headaches without pills, injections and drug-like side effects.


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How can gammaCore help?


When a migraine strikes, it’s not only painful, it impacts all aspects of your life.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache has been described as one of the most painful conditions known to mankind.

Menstrual Migraine

More than half of women with migraine report menstruation as a trigger for their migraine attacks.

Safe & Effective Relief

One Device,
Many Uses

Treat and prevent migraine and cluster headache without pills, injections or drug like side effects.

gammaCore reduces the frequency and intensity of cluster headache attacks and improves quality of life.

“I started feeling like myself again I am not afraid migraine is going to control my life. For me, gammaCore works.”



Stimulating the vagus nerve blocks the pain signals associated with migraine and cluster headache. gammaCore provides fast relief, and works to prevent future attacks, their intensity and duration.

How gammaCore changes lives

2 Simple Plans

Migraine or Cluster Headache

3 Months Subscription
Daily use for 93-consecutive days

/per month*

Menstrual Migraine

3 Months Subscription
Use for 10 days during your cycle

/per month*
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